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Flat Top Scale w/Opt. Side Rail

Flat Top Scale w/Opt. Side Rail

Flat Top Series

Our Flat Top scale is a major breakthrough in truck scale weighing. It is a highly accurate, low profile scale, and is installed above ground for economical and reliable performance.

  • Fast, Economical Installation
  • No Pit to Clean or Pump
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fully Electronic
  • Steel or Concrete Deck
  • Pitless Design Ideal in Areas With High Water Tables, Underground Cables, or Pipelines
  • Low Profile, Modular Design
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Available in Various Lengths & Widths
  • NTEP Approved
  • C of C #95-089
  • 60,000 lb Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed Load Cells
  • Double Link Suspension
  • Steel Deck is 1/4" Checkered Steel
  • 5" Concrete Deck Models
  • Rigid Checking/Bumper Bolts/Self Checking Available
  • Available in Various Lengths and Widths
  • 15" Deck Height
  • 4" Clearance Under Deck
  • Conduit and Junction Box Factory Installed
  • IP67 Rated
  • Wide Choice of Ticket or Tape Printers
  • Computerized Truck Scale Ticketing and Reporting System
  • Extra-Wide Models and Heavy-Duty Off-Road Vehicle Models
  • Heavy Duty Livestock Racks
  • Remote Readout
  • Coin Operated Systems
  • Automatic Axle Weighing Systems